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OAIRP Constitution

Revised September 30, 2022

Article I


The name of this organization shall be The Ohio Association for Institutional Research and Planning, henceforth referred to in this document as OAIRP.

Article II


The purposes of OAIRP shall be:

To promote institutional research, policy analysis, program planning, budgetary planning, and space planning as professional activities in higher education within the State of Ohio;

To exchange information, methods, and reports/findings among colleges and universities within the State of Ohio;

To provide a forum in which institutional researchers, planners, policy analysts, and other educational professionals can discuss issues of interest, seek mutual assistance for common problems, and consider trends and developments common to the future of public and private institutions of higher education in Ohio;

To promote professional development of the membership;

To promote inter-institutional cooperation on projects and research and/or planning activities to investigate or solve common areas of concern;

To sponsor such other activities and programs related to research and planning in higher education as the membership shall, from time to time, deem to be in the best interests of higher education in Ohio.

Article III


Any person interested in institutional research and planning may become a member of OAIRP.

Dues: Individuals become members by payment of annual dues. The membership determines dues by voting on Executive Committee recommendations. Membership shall cover the period of July 1 to June 30.

Article IV


OAIRP as an organization acknowledges the fact that there is a commonality of interest among institutional researchers, planners, and policy analysts in colleges and universities. It also recognizes, however, that there is a wide variety in the structures and mission of institutions in higher education in Ohio. To ensure that the interests and needs of these major sectors are met substantially and in good measure, this Article is included in this Constitution.

There shall be a system of Councils within OAIRP and each member shall affiliate with the appropriate council:

        Council A: Two-year public institutions

        Council B: Four-year public institutions

        Council C: Four-year private institutions

Time shall be allocated at every regular meeting of the OAIRP for meetings of the Councils in order for their respective memberships to accomplish inter-institutional projects, to exchange data or information, and to discuss issues of common interest.

The meeting of each Council shall be conducted by the Council's senior representative on the Executive Committee; in her/his absence, either of the Council's other representatives on the Executive Committee shall be responsible for conducting the meeting.

Members from other than two-year public institutions, four-year public institutions and four-year private institutions may affiliate with the Council of their choice.

Article V


The Executive Committee shall consist of the three representatives from each council. From the membership of the Executive Committee, a slate of officers shall be nominated.

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for: implementing programs approved by the membership; recommending policies and programs to the membership; planning the programs for all meetings of OAIRP; preparing an annual budget for presentation to the membership; handling all matters which may come to the organization between meetings.

The Executive Committee each year shall appoint three members of OAIRP to audit the financial affairs of the organization following the fall meeting. The audit report shall be presented at the fall or spring meeting of OAIRP.

Article VI


There shall be four officers of the organization: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The President, in consultation with members of the Executive Committee, shall be responsible for all business of OAIRP; shall preside at meetings of OAIRP; shall represent OAIRP in relations with other professional and educational organizations, with the Treasurer shall prepare an annual budget; and shall present an Annual Report to the membership.

The Vice President shall assist the President in any way necessary; shall assume the responsibilities of President in case of the President's absence or inability to function in that role.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the receipt and disbursement - with the approval of the President or Vice President - of all funds; shall maintain appropriate records of fiscal transactions; shall prepare a written financial report for each meeting; and with the President shall prepare an annual budget.

The Secretary shall maintain a record of all proceedings of OAIRP; shall prepare and distribute meeting and special notices to the membership; and shall maintain a current roster and mailing list of all members.


The Website Manager shall manage the OAIRP website; add and update content to the site as needed, including but not limited to OAIRP event information, professional development materials, officer listings, and updates to the constitution; and shall maintain the technical functionality of the website.

Article VII


Elections will be held at the fall meeting.

Each Council shall have three representatives on the Executive Committee. Elections shall be conducted by the senior representative from each Council during the fall meeting. The term of office will be three years starting at the end of the fall meeting when elected through the fall meeting three years hence.

Officers will be nominated from the newly elected Executive Committee by any member in attendance and elected by a simple majority vote of all members in attendance. The term of office shall be from the end of the fall meeting at which they are elected until the end of the following fall meeting.

If officer vacancies occur, the Executive Committee shall prepare nominations for the position(s) to be voted on by the membership at the next regular meeting. If vacancies occur in the Council membership on the Executive Committee, the Council having a vacancy shall elect a replacement for that member at the next regular meeting. Individuals elected in this manner shall complete the unexpired terms of those who have left office.

Other elected positions shall be elected at the fall meeting. The Website Manager will be nominated by the membership, including officers and the Executive Committee. A majority vote of the membership in attendance will confirm the candidate to the position. This person may or may not be on the OAIRP executive committee or be an officer. The Website Manager shall serve for three years. Vacancies in this position shall be filled using the same procedure outlined for the Executive Committee. If the position cannot be filled during a regular OAIRP conference, the executive committee may continue to approach the full OAIRP membership for candidate(s).

Article VIII


There shall be two regular meetings each year scheduled by the Executive Committee, one in the fall and one in the spring. Individual Councils may hold additional meetings as necessary.

Any vote which is not a change to the constitution shall require a simple majority of members present.

Unless otherwise provided in this Constitution and/or By Laws, Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall apply.

Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the President.

Article IX


The Executive Committee may set up committees on the basis of need and shall appoint the chairpersons of those committees.

Article X


Amendments may be proposed by the Executive Committee or by petition of twenty (20) members of the OAIRP. A vote to amend the Constitution may be taken at any regular meeting provided that the proposed amendment has been circulated in written form to the entire membership not less than 30 days prior to the vote. Such amendments shall require a two-thirds vote of the members present at the meeting.

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